Book Vs. Film

I do apologise for the lack of posts.

I am currently in the process of reading and watching the Divergent series upon the recommendation of a work colleague.

So far I’m enjoying the books more than the films, the films do follow the story extremely well but I am all for the books. 
Which do you guys prefer?


Ryan Adams – Two (Song)

In today’s entry I will be analysing and commenting on a favourite song of mine, ‘Two’ by Ryan Adams.

‘Two’ from what I gathered from the song is about the struggle that Ryan Adams has been through, an issue with drugs and/or addiction but is now in a place where he has beaten this addiction. From reading articles in regards to Ryan, I am gathering this was done with the help of at the time girlfriend Jessica. There are many reports that mention Jessica dated around the time Ryan released this track.

His drug addiction is displayed throughout the song, he quotes “It takes two when it used to take only one”, meaning it takes more of the drug to get the same high he originally got when he started hitting the drug but also displaying how his drug addiction is taking a hold of him and control of it is being lost.

The track also includes many points about love, “If you take me back, back to your place, I’ll try not to bother you. I promise” showing the regret he feels and how he wants to return to the earlier days in the relationship where he did not expect as much as he does now. This heartache is also evidence throughout the song when Ryan quotes “I’m fractured from the fall and I want to go home”, ‘Home’ meaning a time when things in his life were secure and unbroken like the relationships in his life and normality away from the influence of drugs. By also using the term ‘fall’, this could imply that Ryan is hurting from the collapse in the relationship during this time and wants to restore equilibrium in this, this could also be a metaphor because he has fallen from society and what we deem ‘right’ as he has strayed from the ‘straight and narrow’.

The song has many lyrics with dual meaning as the one above, “It takes two when it used to take only one” not only could this refer to the hit of drugs but also to the relationship with his girlfriend. His girlfriend became a part of his life and without her he is unable to win this battle on his own as he would have.

I have such a love for this song due to the honesty in the lyrics, some people find discussion of their addictions difficult to discuss but Ryan advises “My money’s no good, when I’m up to no good. No good ever comes from it, I promise”, as his money was being spent to fuel his addiction, nothing goods from spending you earnings on drugs, this is reinforced by using the word ‘honest’. As the end of the song is drawing nearer Ryan repeats the term “It takes two when it used to take only one” three times, the repetition makes me feel the regret he is feeling and he is going over and over this in his head and possibly showing regret for forcing his issues onto his girlfriend but wanting their relationship to a previous status.

In regards to the arrangement of the song, this starts with insight into the relationship and how the problems faced could be rectified whereas in the second half of the song focuses more on the addiction and how he wants to deter people from experiencing similar issues he has faced.

This song is a one of my favourites due to the amount of issues referred to and faced in such a small time: drug use, addiction, break down of relationships and social norms. These issues can relate to so many people and battles they have faced in their life and they could see this as a form of support as it is the story of someone who has identified their demons and is fighting against them.

Rating – 4.5 / 5 – I can’t give this a full score as I have some songs that have sentimental meaning to myself but this is definitely in my top 5!

Quote of the Song – “I’m fractured from the fall and I want to go home.”

– Enjoy –



All the song lyrics for the song and the track for you to listen to can be found below:


Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Book review number one, a favourite of mine and a classic.

For those who are not familiar with the book, Jane Eyre is the story of a girl who is orphaned. At the beginning of the novel she lived with her Aunt, Mrs Reed and her two cousins. The nook starts with Jane at the age of 10, she is the outsider within the family who must remain submissive to their wishes.

When Jane stands up to the family when reading a book she shouldn’t have, Jane is sentenced to time in ‘The Red Room’, this is where Jane’s uncle died. Unhappy with her behaviour, Jane is then sent off to school.

We next find Jane at Lowood school, where her experience is rough getting into the routine alongside the death of her only friend there but we witness Jane grow up and excel within the school and becomes a teacher there, after successful time within Lowood, Jane then makes the decision to advertise.

Jane’s advert is responded to by the Thornfield Residence and Jane is hired to teach Adele. The store then leads to Jane en-route to delivery a letter, when on this journey, Jane encounters a horseman who has fallen off his horse due to adver weather conditions, unaware to Jane, this is her boss, Mt Rochester.

The remainder of the story goes on to show her bond with Mr Rochester grow and the unveiling of the secrets he has been hiding, with the inevitable happy ending.

I didn’t want to go into too much description regarding the book, especially the relationship between Jane and Mr Rochester, especially if anyone of you out there are remarkably like myself and love the special relationship they hold. There is no way for me to give their relationship a better description than the book itself.

The book is also made better with the addition of Mr Rochester’s, other, leading lady: Bertha. She is a thrilling character who causes the friction between all the characters living in Thornfield causing Jane to doubt and question other members of staff.

And who doesn’t love a psychotic woman who wanders round the corridors setting wedding dresses on fire? Personally, I love a good thriller.

Despite the book being a classic and dating back so far it is such a good representation of relationships even by today’s standards as the Bronte was not scared of going against the social norms for the time period this is set. You find in relationships that everyone has something they are hiding and it is inevitable these will eventually reveal themselves.

Also, if you are a strong believer in Karma, Mr Rochester gets some punishment for the crimes he has committed but he still gets the happy ending he wishes for.

I understand some readers may be discouraged due to the length of the book and some of the language included in this but if you are a hopeless romantic and a fan of Cinderella, this is definitely worth a read.

Favourite Quote – “I am a free bird and no net ensnares me.” – Jane Eyre.

Rating – 4/5


Please leave me your feedback and let me know what you thought of the book and my review on this, if you think I should be more detailed please let me know and I will be sure to take on any comments and suggestions.

– Enjoy –


New Beginnings

So, just a quick introduction to myself before I get stuck into this blog.

I am a 22 year old, I live the North West of the Unite Kingdom and I class myself as a ‘Bibliophilie’ – A lover of books but my friends and family call me Laura.

After a hard time in both Primary School and High School I become an avid reader to escape the torment of the favoured class mates, books were my escape and I found myself so involved with each book I read.

Having grown up and having to partake in my ‘Adulting’ I now have a full time job and I still read when and where I can. As disfficult as it may be, I am never without a book and any break or waiting area I encounter, my current read will join me.

I wanted to start this blog to share opinions and see what all my fellow ‘Bibliophilies’ have to say about a certain reads, everyone has different opinions and I am hoping to see a book from another perspective.

This blog will focus on books but I also want to draw attention to music as well. A song can tell a story so I also enjoy sitting back and listen to the story the artist is portraying so it will be good to see if anyone draws a different meaning than myself.

Please, take a read, comment your thoughts and feelings and please give this a share. I look forward to hearing all your opinions!

– Enjoy –