New Beginnings

So, just a quick introduction to myself before I get stuck into this blog.

I am a 22 year old, I live the North West of the Unite Kingdom and I class myself as a ‘Bibliophilie’ – A lover of books but my friends and family call me Laura.

After a hard time in both Primary School and High School I become an avid reader to escape the torment of the favoured class mates, books were my escape and I found myself so involved with each book I read.

Having grown up and having to partake in my ‘Adulting’ I now have a full time job and I still read when and where I can. As disfficult as it may be, I am never without a book and any break or waiting area I encounter, my current read will join me.

I wanted to start this blog to share opinions and see what all my fellow ‘Bibliophilies’ have to say about a certain reads, everyone has different opinions and I am hoping to see a book from another perspective.

This blog will focus on books but I also want to draw attention to music as well. A song can tell a story so I also enjoy sitting back and listen to the story the artist is portraying so it will be good to see if anyone draws a different meaning than myself.

Please, take a read, comment your thoughts and feelings and please give this a share. I look forward to hearing all your opinions!

– Enjoy –





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